New Learning | Premium Moodle Theme

New Learning | Premium Moodle Theme
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Last update: 21 November 20.
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Supported Moodle releases:
Moodle 3.6 – 3.10: full support, new live page builder.
Moodle 2.7 – 3.5: bug fixes support, classic page builder.


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Most feature-rich Moodle theme on Themeforest

Kvanwem: Excellent theme and customer support, 10 Stars!! (5 just isn’t enough). The only issue is it has so many features, bells, and whistles; it’s difficult not to get caught up trying them all…

nobicycle_ and mfinholt: ...The features and functionality included are second to none and it’s all wrapped up in easy-to-use configuration panels. I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more. Just buy – its a no-brainer.

countyofgrey: Excellent theme, completely changes the way Moodle looks / functions for the better by about 100%. Plus the support from the author is top notch.

The best and fastest support for Moodle themes on Themeforest

307gxg: Mariusz is not offering support. He is offering best in class support and real customer care. This guy rocks! He is replying to your query within minutes, he helps you step by step…

karimnyu: Actually the best customer support so far here in ThemeForest, the creator is very active, hard working, takes the suggestions for his current developments and even takes the time to understand and help noobs out there! :)...

smartglobaltraining: Mariusz is very Supportive and very helpful Author.. I recommed all MOODLE users to use this Theme and Make it a Default one for MOODLE….It is such a good and SOUND theme…. Thanks Mariusz.
Last update: 21 November 20.
Check full history of theme version.